Cherries in the Snow

Someday we'll all be old and I'll be so damn beautiful..

Monday, July 08, 2013

I am writing so that I don't lose my mind. My son is a high school graduate and it is the summer before he starts taking classes in college. His driver's test was today. He got all of the way there and realized his wallet was at home. He was reminded twice about it (for his permit). He might have set it down when going back for shoes. Now he has to take it another day. But I feel like my head could explode. I have spent 18 years advocating for him and yes he has ADHD and forgetting or misplacing things is the NORM. Unfortunately it isn't helpful in life. It isn't helpful for an important time such as a ROAD TEST..and really why am I surprised? His middle name could be "missing assignments" and I can't say that aloud but it's true. So why should this moment be any different? I love him, I've tried to teach him ways to be more organized etc. and it doesn't seem to make much difference and I feel like crying! He is 18 and I can't control what happens from here on out..but I'm so frustrated. He's a day late and a dollar short for many things and it's making me want to pull my hair out. I can't lay down and cry over this or have a nervous breakdown but let me tell you: I feel like it sometimes!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

long while...

It has been a long while since I last posted. All is right with Rosie and Barbara (at least from the outside view). Now the media is just all about pointing out everything Rosie says. Which is funny to me. Other comedians and nighttime shows poke fun at people like Trump and no one seems to mind. By the way two hairstylists I know weighed in with their Trump Hair Opinion and told me it is not a combover. They just think he likes his hair that way. Someone said that he had good luck with his hair in that style and never changed it due to the "Luck" it brought him. Hmm. Either way. It's bad. Some styles in life just aren't good no matter what. That is one of them! I started watching Idol but got bored of the bad singers and the laughing between Paula, Simon and Randy. Somehow this year it bothered me even more. Not to be all serious but I work with kids. Kids watch Idol. I hear kids talk to other kids "Yeah that guy had big eyes like a monkey" ha ha ha. And hello? That is what we don't want kids to do to each other. I'm just not loving that part of Idol this year. I'll wait till the main talent begins. I never watched tv much until I started Tivo'ing stuff. Now I can't miss the Dog Whisperer, Grey's, Lost and Idol..I even started watching some of Armed and Famous. It is a cheesy concept yet somehow LaToya Jackson gets more credit from me on this show than all her years of whatever it is she did. She's pretty good at being a cop, she's sweet and got over her cat fear pretty well. Good Times.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Anyone out there starting to feel worried about this whole Rosie/Trump thing? Maybe worried isn't the right word. I was disgusted with Trump's tirade against Rosie. But now things are getting worse. He wrote this letter where he is indeed trying to pit Rosie against Barbara Walters. I watched yesterday's "View" and it was definitely tense. There was some tension between Rosie and Barbara no matter how they tried to keep going with the show. I am worried that Trump may be telling some truth--to the things Barbara said to him in private. Which makes him a jerk STILL..but it also then makes Barbara not so trustworthy either. I am not feeling the love for Barbara lately..I think yes-its' "HER" show..but when she's on, I find myself thinking "oh we better button that top button on our shirts and mind our p's and q's"...she may be successful but at times she's so proper that it is as if she can't relax and or enjoy the spontaneity of the others on the show. And this..seems odd..she really didn't stick up for Rosie in the beginning of all this mud that Trump was took her awhile. I suppose its hard for me to be against Rosie at all because I "get" her. She wants to do the right thing and not let this go on. She started yesterday's show with that appearance. But she's angry and after being called fat, stupid and a loser--I am sure she is having a hard time sitting and saying nothing..She hasn't gone on every show however, like Trump has-to open his mouth. And now she's starting to wonder if Barbara Walters has really been telling her the truth..I'm starting to wonder anyone else?

Friday, December 29, 2006


Gee I hope Trump doesn't sue me for voicing my opinion. (eyeroll) I haven't had time to post in awhile but this whole Rosie/Trump thing is interesting. Interesting because it's shown me what kind of man he really is. I watched what Rosie said about him the day she said he shouldn't be the moral compass for twenty year olds. Since it's a show called "The View" obviously, its her "view"..and Trump?? He has spoken to several news people and shows..he spends long periods of time repeating that she is fat, a failure, ugly, stupid, etc. etc. Is that how "important" people talk on tv?? WHO does that? Since when does Anderson Cooper give someone 8 minutes to say the words "Fat, stupid and disgusting" over and over? Trump may have money but he obviously was feeling pretty badly about himself to spend that much time dissing Rosie in the way that he has. He is like a seven year old boy who is mad because someone spoke to him negatively. And all he can do is say "Yeah? Well you're fat!"..and "I'll send someone to steal your girlfriend! Nyah Nyah Nyah!".... THAT is the man who has so much money and power??????
Now that my friends is scary. Let's all hold hands and praise God that he is not running for President.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The wrong person won Dancing with the Stars. I don't even LIKE Dancing With the Stars. But watching Mario Lopez dance is like eating chocolate. Ooh La La..

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Will Wonders Never Cease

So OJ Simpson's book is called "If I did it" hypothetically show how he could have killed his wife IF in fact he did it. Which of course he says, he didn't. But IF he did..he wants us to know HOW he would or COULD have done this. How old is he??? 5??? That's like a five year old who doesn't want to confess to stealing the cookie but instead he says "Well i didn't but if i did i would have taken more than one and not left any crumbs."......Good Lord. Evil. Just Evil and in the worst taste imaginable. Stupid and Evil.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

thank you

Brittany Spears is divorcing Kevin Federline. Thank you. All is right with the world.